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SF express automatic airport is launched, and the unmanned logistics system is more perfect

SF express automatic airport is launched, and the unmanned logistics system is more perfect

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original title: SF express automatic airport is launched, and the unmanned logistics system is more perfect

on November 15, according to CCTV reports, the SF UAV express feeder airport was officially applied in Ganzhou Nankang. In recent years, the field of civil UAV is in the ascendant, and more and more technology enterprises put the commercial operation of UAV on the agenda. As the first logistics enterprise in China to obtain the national logistics UAV business license, SF is once again one step ahead in the implementation and application of unmanned logistics

the UAV express connection automatic airport is an intermediate platform for connecting users and UAVs, which can realize the full automatic operation of UAVs. As an important part of the unmanned logistics system, the automatic airport assists the UAV to land accurately, and automatically completes the package loading and unloading and battery charging. It is a fully equipped UAV takeoff and landing site; After the user delivers the package, the UAV express connecting airport can automatically weigh the package and generate a waybill to realize express self-service receipt and delivery. The whole operation process of the automatic airport can be monitored and intervened in real time through the remote network. Foreign multinational companies have realized the automation and unmanned distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles from the initial production of relatively simple products without manual processing. SF took the lead in implementing this concept. The maximum storage volume of the automatic airport on the market this time is 0.648 cubic meters, which can store up to 180 kilograms of goods. At present, it has been put into use in Nankang, Ganzhou

the launch and application of automatic airports is a new attempt of the application of unmanned technology in the logistics transportation scene. Traditional manual logistics stations have high requirements for infrastructure supporting facilities such as hydropower, communication and transportation, which increases the difficulty and cost of logistics transportation. The automatic airport can operate normally only with power supply and signal coverage, which can meet the express transportation needs of rural areas with complex terrain and remote location in China. At the same time, the UAV express connection cabinet can improve the terminal distribution efficiency of the transportation of specific goods such as medicine cold chain, fresh aquatic products, and enrich the landing application scenarios under the unmanned operation system

the unmanned logistics market has huge imagination space. How to apply the unmanned logistics technology of "high molecular materials industry" to achieve sustainable development on a large scale and form a replicable and easy to promote unmanned operation system will be the next step of many logistics enterprises. According to the prediction of "2018 World UAV conference", the commercial UAV industry in Kuqiu, a leading enterprise in the whole country, will maintain rapid development in the next five years. By 2022, the total market value will reach $15billion, and the market prospect is huge. Many years ago, SF put forward the business picture of unmanned logistics landing application. This time, the UAV Express Airport was put into use. After SF was approved to use low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials in Ganzhou Nankang, and the airspace of Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou, and successfully explored the terminal distribution UAV operation mode, it once again launched the self-developed and designed unmanned operation supporting products, Point out the direction for the development of unmanned logistics industry. As the unmanned operation system continues to mature, the "large unmanned transport aircraft + regional large unmanned aerial vehicles + terminal small unmanned aerial vehicles" three-stage aviation will also be gradually improved. The logistics industry may break through the "last mile" logistics bottleneck and speed up the realization of 36 hour access to the country

the concepts of unmanned aerial vehicle, automatic airport and unmanned logistics system have been gradually embodied. In the future, with the continuous implementation of logistics technology and the continuous expansion of service scenarios, unmanned logistics is bound to bring greater imagination to mankind and society in social medicine, urban construction and other aspects

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