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Jilin seven measures to promote the transformation of the automobile industry

recently, it was learned from the Jilin Provincial Department of industry and information technology that in order to implement the spirit of the opinions of the Jilin provincial Party committee and the provincial government on the in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy and the comprehensive revitalization of old industrial bases, in accordance with the overall requirements of the Jilin provincial industrial transformation and upgrading action plan, Jilin has launched and began to implement seven measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry by 2020

the overall requirements and objectives are clear and detailed

according to the relevant person in charge of the Department of industry and information technology of Jilin Province, the overall idea of the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in the province is to focus on the development direction of lightweight, electrification and intelligence of the automobile industry, and adhere to the principles of innovation driven and integration promotion. Focus on the development of "energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles, smart cars" and "improve the supporting system, create a lightweight system, and establish an independent innovation system". Strengthen industrial integration, adjust industrial structure, make up for industrial shortcomings, promote the service-oriented manufacturing industry, cultivate new industrial formats, improve industrial competitiveness, realize industrial transformation and upgrading, build a domestic leading automobile lightweight manufacturing base and intelligent United Automobile industrialization demonstration base, and build an automobile industry comprehensive base with international competitiveness

its development goal is to further expand the industrial scale. By 2020, the production capacity of provincial vehicles will reach 4million, the domestic market share will exceed 10%, and the proportion of self owned brand vehicles in provincial finished vehicles will reach 20%; The total output value of the automobile industry in the province exceeded 800 billion yuan, and the local matching rate of parts and components in the province increased to 50%

the industrialization of new energy vehicles has accelerated, plug-in and pure electric vehicles have achieved large-scale production, and the production capacity has reached 200000; The independent research and development ability of the three key components of new energy vehicles has been significantly enhanced, and the independent supporting system in the province has basically been formed. Among them, the supporting capacity of power batteries, vehicle controllers and so on has reached 150000 units

breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of smart cars, and the research and development and industrialization of semi-automatic driving have been completed; The independent supporting system has been initially established, and the demonstration base for the application of smart cars and smart transportation has been basically completed

the lightweight manufacturing system is basically perfect, automotive lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing technology have been widely used, and automotive composite molding technology has made a breakthrough; The output value of lightweight auto parts will strive to achieve 55 billion @a surrounding environment yuan, accounting for more than 20% of the total output value of parts

seven measures help transform and upgrade

to ensure the completion of the set goals, Jilin Province will implement a series of targeted policies and measures. It mainly includes: on the basis of comprehensively promoting the upgrading of the supply side structure of the automotive industry, supporting the development of new formats and new models. For automobile service manufacturing, new energy vehicle enterprises in the province are encouraged to actively carry out service-oriented manufacturing, extending from the production and sales of pure new energy vehicle products to the provision of product life cycle management services and overall operation service solutions; Focus on supporting Changchun new energy automobile company to carry out service-oriented manufacturing enterprise demonstration, and carry out new energy automobile financial leasing, network precision marketing, battery replacement and recycling, charging infrastructure operation and other service fields

for automobile mobile travel, support vehicle enterprises to measure the friction coefficient, carry out mobile travel business based on personalized needs, establish car rental companies that meet personalized needs, strengthen cooperation with Internet travel platforms, and carry out mobile travel businesses such as car hailing, time-sharing leasing and car sharing since their development; Take advantage of the influence of FAW Hongqi's high-end brand, carry out business class point-to-point special car services, official travel services, and promote new energy vehicles. It describes the critical pressure of chemical resistance (OC) unit megapascals (MPA), that is, the critical pressure of cracks after 15 minutes of contact with some chemical reagents, green travel services, and create a new "mobile terminal" for cars

implement intelligent transformation and support key enterprises to carry out the construction of automatic production lines, digital workshops and intelligent factories; Around the production process, data collection, transmission, integration, analysis and feedback are carried out in the links of equipment operation, process operation, quality inspection, material distribution, etc., so as to strive to realize the interconnection of production factors and production units; Taking advantage of the technological advantages and advanced operation mode of Qingyan capital, we will carry out the intelligent transformation of traditional equipment and strive to improve the intelligent manufacturing level of automobile production enterprises in the province

promote green automobile manufacturing and actively strive for national automobile remanufacture pilot; Improve the recycling system of end-of-life vehicles, focus on the remanufacture of engine, gearbox, generator and other parts, promote key enterprises to strengthen technical cooperation with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, promote the application of advanced remanufacture technologies such as laser cladding, arc spraying, surface restorative heat treatment, and create an influential remanufacture base of auto parts in China

strengthen brand cultivation and guidance, support FAW Group to give full play to the brand advantages of "FAW China", continuously improve the brand influence of "red flag" and other brands, and build China's first and world-renowned high-end passenger car brand and truck brand; Encourage parts enterprises to strengthen brand awareness, apply for the protection of "Chinese famous trademarks" according to law, strive for "Chinese famous brands" and "famous and high-quality products in Jilin Province", and actively cultivate "fu'ao", "Jitong", "Aowei" and "Yidong" to become well-known brands in the domestic parts industry as soon as possible

cultivate "invisible champion" enterprises, and encourage auto parts enterprises to develop in the direction of "specialized, special and new" with single-minded business, excellent quality, unique technology and continuous innovation ability; Implement the "invisible champion" enterprise cultivation plan, support a number of automobile lightweight enterprises such as Jilin General Motors, Jilin Fufeng, Jilin Tongxin to build into "invisible champions" enterprises in the field of aluminum forging and aluminum casting and forging parts, hot formed high-strength parts, basalt fiber composites, and establish new advantages of domestic automobile lightweight brands

support the development of large enterprise groups, and increase the joint venture cooperation and introduction of large-scale parts enterprises such as the world's top 500 and the domestic top 100; Focus on supporting independent parts enterprises such as Fuwei, northeast industry, FAW Fusheng and Changchun Xuyang to carry out mergers and acquisitions in the form of cross regional and upstream and downstream industrial chain integration, so as to quickly become stronger and bigger, and create a number of large parts and components enterprise groups with sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan

strengthen the construction of the standard system, encourage enterprises such as FAW Group and Qiming information to focus on the research and development of smart cars and the application demonstration of smart cars and smart transportation, speed up the organization and implementation of local and industrial technical standards, actively participate in the technical standards of smart car on-board environmental sensors, communications, network safety and information services at the national level, and actively seize the voice of market competition, And then drive the technology improvement and brand creation of smart cars

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