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Shanghai: seven sewage treatment plants will be built in 2020

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since Shanghai started compulsory garbage classification, many eyes have been focused on the weekly, monthly, semi annual and annual reports of garbage classification in Shanghai Besides vigorously promoting garbage classification, Shanghai has not relaxed other ecological and environmental work

On June 28, 2020, the fourth phase of Zhuyuan sewage treatment plant was officially started. The new sewage treatment plant with a scale of 1.2 million cubic meters per day, the sludge treatment center with a scale of 120 tons of dry basis per day, and the shore a hardness are related to the displacement of the indenter By measuring the displacement of the pressure needle, the water inlet and outlet main pipe with a total length of about 5 kilometers, with a total investment of about 10 billion, is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2024

"Zhuyuan sewage treatment plant phase IV project can effectively reduce the sewage overflow in Zhuyuan area and effectively protect the water body of the Yangtze River". After completion, it will also significantly improve the sewage treatment capacity of Shanghai. At the same time, in 2020, seven sewage treatment plants will be built in the suburbs of Shanghai, which is expected to be put into operation during the 14th Five Year Plan period, laying the foundation for Shanghai to achieve "sewage treatment capacity exceeding 10million cubic meters/day at the end of the 14th five year plan"

the improvement of urban water environment quality is an important proposition for Shanghai to continuously improve citizens' satisfaction and happiness with the ecological environment

recently, Shanghai clearly pointed out in the working conference on river and lake management that it is necessary to comprehensively promote the water environment treatment to a new level, strive to complete the water control objectives and tasks of the 13th five year plan, and let the general public have more happiness and satisfaction

the meeting stressed that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have made a solemn commitment to the people of the city to basically eliminate class V water bodies by 2020. This year, the tasks must be completed and the accounts must be handed over. On the one hand, we should rely on the "unified management" platform of urban operation and give full play to the strength of the grass-roots front line. On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the long-term management and protection of river channels and the maintenance of sewage pipes, and pay attention to the management of sewage outlets into the river

at the same time, based on the requirements of the Yangtze River economic belt to "jointly pay attention to large-scale protection and not engage in large-scale development" and the Yangtze River Delta regional pollution prevention and control cooperation platform, accelerate the construction of an ecological city with bluer sky, greener ground and cleaner water

in order to consolidate the achievements, improve the level and ensure the quantity and quality, Shanghai has made great efforts in water facilities management and water supply and drainage infrastructure

the key points for the operation and management of water utilities in 2020 proposes to establish a data update mechanism for water utilities in combination with the construction of "one unified operation" and "one unified management"; All industry management offices continue to carry out the inspection, supervision, evaluation and assessment of "reservoirs, gates, embankments, plants, stations"; Establish a periodic inspection and evaluation mechanism for drainage pipelines, and carry out inspection and evaluation of pipeline structural conditions for more than 10 years

adhere to the fine management as the starting point, grasp the bottom line, and promote the operation and management level of water facilities. 6. Try not to move the micro mirror, so as to realize the safe, efficient and benign operation of "reservoirs, gates, embankments, plants, stations," and other water facilities

the planning concept of "green, gray, blue and pipe" is put forward in the Shanghai urban rainwater drainage planning (year), and the planning layout and planning task of "1+1+6+ therefore x green and gray blend, 14 pieces of blue absorption" are clarified. It is required to form a modern rainwater drainage system with reasonable layout, safety and reliability, good environment, effective management, wisdom and toughness

the improvement of water environment quality in the whole city is realized step by step in these fine control measures, At the same time, Shanghai's "spongy" transformation process is also imminent. "Aiming at the new material industry, we will continue to promote it.

special planning of Shanghai sponge city and the management measures of Shanghai sponge city planning and construction" It is planned to build a 200K ㎡ sponge City area by 2020, and it is planned to form 15 sponge city management and control zones

it is reported that as one of the first three pilot areas of sponge cities in Shanghai, Lingang sponge city has reduced the initial rain pollution control by about 20% and gradually increased the total runoff control rate. Among them, the sponge transformation project of xinluyuan community adopts the mode of "sponge general control + elastic design + fine construction + prefabricated materials + mature seedlings + professional supervision + effect acceptance + public participation", which has achieved good results

according to the public data of Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau, in May 2020, 70 water quality sections in Shanghai accounted for 17.35% of class II, 37.76% of class III and 31.63% of class IV

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