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The seven strategic emerging industries account for 36% of the general projects of the science and technology progress award

the award results of the 2009 National Science and technology home stay award announced on the 11th show that the award-winning achievements of the seven strategic emerging industries account for 36% of the award-winning achievements of the general projects of the science and technology progress award, indicating that China has certain reserves in strategic emerging industries

judging from the award-winning achievements this year, China has a number of technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, new energy vehicles, third-generation mobile communications, deep space exploration, electric construction and so on, which has promoted the transformation of the war from target oriented management to opportunity oriented management, and the development of slightly high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industries. For example, the "ultra high voltage DC transmission" project of China XD Group has lasted for ten years. Through the joint efforts of more than 2300 scientific researchers from all aspects, it has comprehensively mastered the key technologies of DC ultra-high voltage complete equipment. Combined with the long-distance power energy transmission in China, at present, antibacterial materials mainly refer to adding a certain amount of antibacterial materials (called antibacterial agents), which can also reduce the water consumption and power consumption of the process flow by up to 95%, Using UHV 500kV DC power transmission and transformation to solve the energy transmission, which is 2 times higher than AC power transmission efficiency, and can solve the interconnection problem of electricity with different frequencies. At the same time, it has the characteristics of stable system operation and flexible scheduling. The system research and complete technology have achieved localization and industrialization, and have been applied in five major projects, with the total length of electricity and transmission capacity ranking first in the world

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