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Seven Star blueprint intelligent customer service solution

1. Play the voice file after the automatic outbound call is connected

2. Connect with the enterprise crm/erp and other systems, and realize the dynamic data information playback voice reminder through TTS

system functions:

a. preview dialing

the agent first sees the customer information

the system initiates outbound dialing, and the agent manually judges the dialing situation and handles it

b. the automatic outbound call

system automatically dials, Judge the dialing status, filter out invalid dialing

initiate dialing when the agent is idle to avoid line harassment; Omit the time that the agent representative clicks

management function:

a. outbound call task management:

1, outbound call time setting 2, outbound call caller number setting 3, failure retry times and interval time 4, ring back waiting time 5, relay agent ratio (intelligent, fixed, concurrent) 6, you can view the outbound call situation in real time

b. outbound call data management:

1, outbound call data can be imported in batch excel 2, you can configure multiple different outbound call services, The data fields of each outbound service can be customized 3. The data of different services are independent of each other

c. report statistics:

1. Outbound call task statistics: no response, blank number, wrong number, in call, customer answering seat is not connected, customer connecting seat, total number of calls, total number of calls to be called, completion rate (called volume/total volume), IVR connection rate (customer answering seat is not connected/called volume), connection rate (connected seat volume/called volume) 2 Outbound call data query 3. View the details of outbound call results 4. Details and statistics of called customers/waiting customers 5. Report tools: according to the actual report requirements, you can customize the report

Part II: intelligent customer service assistance system

when the user gets through the seat, the system can carry out real-time transcription analysis of the received voice information, In addition, the real-time identified scheduled knowledge keywords/scene keywords according to the "green building action plan" issued by China will be displayed on the customer service portal in time. Customer service can click on the keywords to make the corresponding knowledge jump. At that time, the knowledge page or business processing page of the knowledge base associated with the knowledge will automatically open

in addition, it can identify and record hot spot keywords, and provide hot spot query and statistics; Identify and record quality inspection keywords during the call, and display real-time emotional information for real-time quality inspection monitoring

system function

a. voice content transcribing:

1. The system transcribes the conversation between the user and the agent into text in real time, which is immediately displayed on the computer screen of the agent, which is convenient for the agent to view, so that the agent can better understand the user's intention and provide better services. 2. Transcribed content and voice recording can be stored on the server

b. push and reminder:

1. During the call, the system transcribes voice data in real time, highlights the keywords mentioned in the call to enhance market competitiveness, and queries the knowledge base and the corresponding business knowledge in the business system. The agent can view the corresponding business information by clicking the business keywords. 2. During the call between the user and the agent, when the system recognizes that the user's voice contains the information of handling a business, the business vocabulary will be highlighted. At this time, the agent can automatically jump to the business handling interface of the business system through the business keywords. 3. Provide detection for the user's intention, which can identify whether the user has mentioned complaints, complaints, etc. and the incorrect mold temperature is enough to affect the size, brightness, shrinkage, flow lines, shortage of materials and other phenomena of the sample. If there are complaints and complaints in the user's words, the seat computer will highlight them in real time to remind the seat personnel to pay attention. 4. By setting compliance terms, the list of required and prohibited terms for plate and bar samples can be well met, and the attendant can be prompted whether compliance terms are used. If not, the system will send a reminder

c. speech analysis:

1. Speech speed analysis, the system automatically counts the speech speed of customers or seats during the call, and detects the recordings with abnormal speech speed according to the preset speech speed threshold (too fast, too slow). 2. Voice overlap analysis, the system can automatically detect the overlapping voice of customers and agents during the call, that is, the situation of preemption. 3. Mute analysis: the system can automatically detect the state of long-term silence (cold field, user waiting time) during the call, and detect the call with long-term silence according to the preset silence threshold. 4. Emotion analysis: the system can score the emotion of the call process according to the created scoring rules, so as to get the emotional score of the task, and can customize the setting of the early warning threshold. 5. Analysis of long calls, the system can automatically detect the length of calls, according to the preset threshold, once the threshold is exceeded, the seats will be pushed to remind. 6. Hot spot analysis: the system automatically counts the words other than water words in the transcribed text of the previous day at a fixed time every day, and calculates the most frequently used hot words and phrases

management function

a. thesaurus management:

1. The system establishes a Classified Thesaurus for keyword classification and recognition in speech analysis. 2. Thesaurus categories include: keywords, stop words (prohibited words), compliance words (fixed scripts), extended words, etc

b. seat management: configure quality inspection rules according to the assessment and detection service standards or the requirements of operation management. The rules include text, mute, speaking speed, volume, emotion, interruption, and channel detection

c. user management: the main users of the system can be divided into managers, operators, etc. the specific role division can be combined with the personnel and role management mechanism of the enterprise intelligent quality inspection system and the role positioning of personnel in related business systems

d. system monitoring: the operation monitoring function of the system adopts b/s mode, that is, the system is monitored through the mode of browser, httpservice, web program and database

e. data report: the platform can provide a variety of reports for users to count and analyze the operation and data

f. system management: system management provides log management, configuration management and other functions

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