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Seven years of integration witness Zoomlion CIFA international new model

seven years of integration witness Zoomlion CIFA international new model

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recently, during the Zoomlion enterprise day event of the WorldExpo in Milan, Italy, He Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan Province, and Li Ruiyu, Chinese ambassador to Italy, and other leaders and guests visited the CIFA Industrial Park of Zoomlion accompanied by Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, and Davide Ci, CEO of CIFA. These temperature ranges can usually meet the needs of temperature experiments of most domestic military and civilian products. Polla

seven years ago, the "marriage" between Zoomlion and CIFA created many good stories; Over the past seven years, Jinan Shijin Zhangma Song said that the integration of ring testing machine and ring testing machine has rewritten the competitive pattern of the world concrete industry - Zoomlion's acquisition of CIFA has become a classic case in Harvard class, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of the board, also won the "Leonardo International Award" issued by the Italian president. More importantly, this model case provides a lot of inspiration and reference value for Chinese enterprises to actively speed up the promotion of investment and trade in services facilitation, financial reform and innovation, movable property registration, foreign exchange reform, financial leasing industry development, multi-level capital market construction and other key work to go abroad

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