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SF new fixed wing UAV unveiled with a maximum load of 10 kg

at the world AI conference, which opened on the 17th, the real machine of SF logistics UAV manta ray fixed wing vertical take-off and landing UAV was unveiled in China for the first time

the manta ray on display is quite different from the four rotor VTOL UAV in shape. It is understood that the overall aerodynamic layout, structural design and flight control system of this UAV are independently developed by SF, and its appearance design inspiration comes from the devil fish in the deep sea

according to Shunfeng technology UAV engineer, manta ray has a wingspan of 3.5 meters, a fuselage length of 2 meters, a height of 0.8 meters, a maximum load of 10 kilograms, and a flight of 120 kilometers to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is a UAV that flies over medium and long distances. In terms of flight speed, manta ray has a endurance of 90 minutes and a maximum flight speed of 30 meters per second

in the transportation flight, it skillfully "puts the cargo into the abdomen" and greatly reduces the flight resistance. Manta ray is the most effective transportation capacity supplement in complex scenes involving mountains, rivers and inconvenient land transportation

as a logistics UAV, its protection performance is naturally the most concerned part of the performance data parameters. Manta ray can fly in complex environments such as 3000 meters above sea level, and has IP45 waterproof and dust-proof capabilities. Zheng Daqing, global senior vice president of BASF Greater China business and market development, added that the line temperature can reach -10 ℃

in terms of overall aerodynamic design, the UAV is based on bionic streamlined aerodynamic design, which greatly reduces the flight resistance of manta ray. At the same time, its propulsion power can be driven by two ducted fans in addition to the propeller power. The culvert fan has the ability of greater thrust, safer and noise reduction, and the UAV can still fly normally in the case of a single culvert failure

in addition, redundant design is also adopted for the main operating rudder surface, which significantly improves the safety and reliability

as for the structural design part, the whole aircraft adopts a variety of lightweight composite materials, and the load-bearing framework adopts a large number of carbon fiber composite materials, meeting the strength, stiffness and reliability requirements of the aircraft during normal operation. The structure of the whole machine adopts modular design, which can be quickly disassembled and assembled to ensure efficient transportation and deployment of the whole machine

in addition to excellent performance and excellent structural design, flight control system, communication system and scheduling management system are the biggest highlights of SF logistics UAV

SF logistics UAV is completely self-developed, and manta ray has covered more than 120 patents. Among them, flight control technology is one of the most core technologies, which supports the whole process intelligent operation. Manta Ray has the ability of automatic take-off, automatic cruise and automatic landing during the mission execution stage. In case of emergencies during flight, manta ray can automatically switch from fixed wing mode with good grounding to multi rotor mode and hover actively

according to the communication report, the system is used for the data connection between UAV and ground base station. The whole base station has the ability of unattended, remote control and automatic alarm. The maximum communication distance of a single base station can reach 30 kilometers, and it supports many to many access and roaming functions at the same time. The dispatching management system can monitor the flight tasks and data of manta ray in real time to ensure real-time, controllable and safe operation throughout the flight

so far, manta ray has been heavily invested in flight testing under real logistics scenarios, which belongs to the terminal distribution stage of SF "large manned transport aircraft + regional large UAV + terminal small UAV" three-stage air transportation. Shunfeng logistics UAV will form a systematic development mode with multiple application types, multiple use levels and multiple development directions, expand the logistics network and expand the transportation capacity mode, so that customers can expect in the future

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