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Sewing machine industry in 2010: reflect while recovering

recently, the sixth executive director expansion meeting of the eighth session of China Sewing Machinery Association was held, and representatives of 35 executive director units and 12 expansion units attended the meeting

the meeting first heard the "summary report on the main work of China Sewing Machinery Association in 2010" by Yang Xiaojing, Secretary General of China Sewing Machinery Association, and the "report on the development of business and trade in China's sewing machinery industry in 2010" by Hu miaohai, vice president and director of the Commission of Commerce and trade. Subsequently, he ye, executive vice president of China Sewing Machinery Association, made a "2010 key work description of the industry", which made a deep and thorough explanation on the "National Science and technology support plan project for efficient sewing equipment", "industry product quality improvement goals and requirements", "top 20 industrial enterprises selection"

he ye first pointed out that the "National Science and technology support plan project for efficient sewing equipment" as a national science and technology support plan, the association will take this opportunity to give corresponding supporting funds and measures, mobilize more enterprises to carry out some basic research around the improvement of innovation ability, and raise the level of scientific and technological innovation of the industry to a new level. As for the "industry product quality improvement goals and requirements", she said that the year-on-year growth was 8.92%; With a profit of 118.286 billion yuan, the association will carry out the quality improvement and catch-up project of key products in the industry in three years, so that the quality and brand influence of major products in the industry can reach or catch up with the international advanced level. To this end, the association carried out extensive research and publicity, mobilized enterprises to collect various information, and carried out a series of work, forming the quality improvement objectives and requirements related to computer lockstitch sewing machines and high-speed overlock sewing machines submitted to the meeting. At the same time, on this basis, we will also formulate product standards including special machines, and will focus on supporting the industry to carry out research on some quality research topics, so that some large-scale products and some special machines in the industry can reach the international advanced level, and strive to significantly improve the competitiveness of the industry. With regard to the "top 20 industrial enterprises selection" activity, he Ye stressed that the association has always supported backbone enterprises in the industry to strive for world brands and give play to the cumulative effect of brands. After the test of the financial crisis, the inclination of industry resources to advantageous enterprises is very obvious, and the accumulation effect of brands is gradually emerging. In order to lay the foundation for a strong country in China's sewing machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan, it is bound to carry out structural adjustment, from small, scattered, weak to large, centralized, strong to change. It is based on this consideration that the association timely promoted this work

the delegates at the meeting fully affirmed the work done by the association and held a heated discussion on the current economic situation faced by the industry and the next key work of the association. The meeting agreed that at present, enterprises should seize the favorable opportunity of industry recovery, speed up the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, vigorously carry out quality improvement, focus on strengthening brand building, advocate the awareness of industry self-discipline, standardize the order of market competition, take integrity as the purpose, innovation as the driving force, and high-quality service as the foundation, and take a solid key step from big to strong

tianminyu, President of China Sewing Machinery Association, said in his concluding speech that the meeting was efficient, pragmatic and rich in content. He reached a certain consensus on the judgment and prediction of the industry situation and successfully completed the scheduled agenda of the meeting. On how to treat the overall economic development situation in China, Tian min 1. Good comprehensive performance, high impact strength, good chemical stability and electrical performance; Yu pointed out that China's economic recovery, in accordance with the direction of national macro-control, has a good upward trend, but there are also difficulties and challenges. The international economy has been affected by the financial crisis for a long time, and the recovery is slow. There are many uncertain factors. The international economic development environment is complex. From the RMB exchange rate issue to the escalation of international trade protectionism, it indicates that the impact will be very obvious for China, an export-oriented country with an external economic dependence of 60% to 70%. Tian Minyu stressed that there are still many deep-seated contradictions and short-term development problems in economic development. Therefore, the judgment and prediction of the economy should be realistic, fully prepared, and see the difficulties and uncertainties of development

in the analysis of the development situation of the industry, Tian Minyu pointed out that the industry has rebounded rapidly since the strong rebound in April last year. The industry is full of optimistic mainstream emotions, but we should face up to the fact that the smell in the car in the industry is some deep-seated problems in a field that major OEMs are most concerned about. Under the optimistic situation of the industry, we should deeply reflect on the previous development path. Through this crisis, the industrial chain relationship in the industry has been adjusted and corrected. Enterprises should understand that the law of economic development is moving forward in waves. At the same time, we should think deeply about why some enterprises in the industry have difficulties in development and weak ability to resist risks in the crisis; However, some enterprises can take advantage of the situation to become bigger and stronger. He said that through the baptism of this crisis, enterprises should explore the true meaning of market economy; We should think about why the sewing machine industry, as one of the industries hardest hit by the financial crisis, has recovered and rebounded so quickly; Once the supply-demand relationship is balanced, it is necessary to predict what problems will occur in the market

the causes and essence of these problems need the whole industry to think and explore. Tian Minyu further pointed out that innovation and self-discipline are needed to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The overall goal of the next five-year plan for the sewing machine industry is innovation driven, transformation and upgrading, steady growth, and quality first. Our country's 12th Five Year Plan is to lay a decisive foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way

therefore, the "12th Five Year Plan" is a critical period for China's sewing machinery to become a powerful country from a large manufacturing country. Finally, Tian Minyu sincerely hopes that the whole industry will unite, strengthen confidence, and work together firmly to enter the next stage of development of the industry, so as to make joint efforts for the industry to change from big to strong

the meeting reviewed and passed the objectives and requirements for product quality improvement in China's sewing machinery industry, the measures for the selection and recognition of the "top 20 industrial enterprises" in China's sewing machinery industry, and the opinions on awarding Dongguan Xiangxing sewing machine Co., Ltd. and other enterprises the honorary title of "top 50 dealers in China's sewing machinery industry in 2010" "List of candidates for directors and vice chairmen of the third trade professional committee of China Sewing Machinery Association" and "list of members of the fourth science and Technology Working Committee of China Sewing Machinery Association" and other documents

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