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SFA makes CRM and sales full of passion

Preface: someone asked me what CRM can help enterprises do. I always said that it can help enterprises manage their customers! However, ensuring that materials come from renewable non food sources is not the most accurate statement if there is SFA (sales automation) module. SFA makes CRM the most effective weapon for sales growth. How can SFA become the wings of CRM

sfa enables salespeople to manage their customers, contacts, opportunities, etc. in an orderly manner according to unified business norms within the scope of their authorization by judging business rules and basic information (such as products) such as personnel authority, sales stage, customer category, sales region, action norms, etc; In the sales process, through the action arrangement and action record associated with specific customers, contacts and opportunities, set the detailed tracking plan of SFA and automatically generate the personnel work schedule chart (by day, week, month and year), which realizes the personnel schedule and tracking record based on specific actions for each customer and opportunity (project), so as to realize the quantitative management based on actions in the sales process

the most basic SFA should be customer-centered. After a certain plan of SFA is set, the system will meticulously send out information, including reminders to customers, reminders to oneself, reminders to collaborative units or other departments. The way of reminders is nothing more than: reminders of prominent positions in CRM, reminders by SMS, reminders by email, etc. Some sales actions are automatically processed by the system according to the settings (sending text messages or emails) and remind you to handle them manually. SFA function similar to xtoolscrm () is the most typical

sfa puts management into action

inspires entrepreneurship

in CRM, everyone's daily work schedule and action records are well documented. Which customer, what project, when and where, with whom, China's plastic extruder market also has a lot of progress and breakthrough contact, what has been done, how much time has been spent, how much money has been spent, and so on. All the details are clear at a glance, SFA is like an omnipresent punching machine in which the contact surfaces of the inner wall of the diaphragm and the end plate should be perpendicular to each other. SFA virtually promotes the sales personnel, including the sales management personnel, to actively and consciously improve their working habits, so that the sales personnel can change from fuzzy memory to detailed records, and from the subjective sense to the statement and analysis of specific facts. SFA makes the sales plan more targeted, and the sales action will pay more attention to the effect, Sales staff will gradually form scientific and standardized working habits. "Action changes thinking". Action is the basis of all work. SFA makes action manageable, which greatly improves the level of management. SFA can really implement planning and management into action

sfa can help enterprises unify information transmission

sfa is a tool to obtain customer recognition based on the corporate image, rather than a sales breakthrough due to the personal charm of a salesperson. SFA can convey the corporate culture to customers and tell each customer, "you are very important". Although it cannot replace you in selling products, it can make your salesperson work more effectively and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. These satisfaction improvements come from:

1. Fulfilling commitments

implementing SFA can help salespeople fulfill their commitments, such as calling a customer on Wednesday and sending a quotation to a customer on Thursday. As long as you enter this kind of information into the system, it will regularly prompt you what you need to accomplish

in addition, the SFA system also provides tools that allow you to pass information to colleagues in other departments and follow up to ensure that the other party has performed the corresponding actions

2.、 Express the same thing, but different employees have different opinions about customers, which is also a major drawback that destroys customers' trust. It's hard to imagine a distrustful customer willing to continue dealing with your company

customers' views on the company largely determine their business relationship with your company. From the operator to the salesman, every customer facing employee in the company will have an impact on the customer experience. The information provided by all employees in contact with customers must be consistent (at least not contradictory). To achieve this, it means that every customer facing personnel in the enterprise should be able to access consistent and accurate information in time. Through SFA data viewing, we can understand the service status, and SFA can meet this need

3. Let customers remember you

the most embarrassing thing for salespeople is that when they call a customer, they don't remember who you are or which company you come from. The most immediate way to avoid this problem is to contact customers regularly to make an impression on you

sfa can help salespersons establish memos to remind them to contact customers regularly through email or SMS, so that customers can keep your memory, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the success rate of sales

conclusion: I think CRM without SFA (sales automation) is like a person lacking ideals. SFA makes CRM fly. More importantly, the use of SFA makes salespeople full of passion. (end)

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