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Yesterday, the Ministry of environmental protection officially launched the 2013 "China's ecological urban and rural travel - beautiful China Travel" activity to comprehensively figure out the current situation and problems of low-carbon and energy-saving industries in various regions. According to relevant sources, the sewage prevention and control action plan will be issued soon after the "ten atmosphere" plan

therefore, experts in the environmental protection industry told Shanghai Securities News that water pollution will be "concerned about the limit of harmful materials in heavy wallpaper GB 18585-2001", and subsequent ministries and commissions will successively introduce heavy pollution control policies. At present, the market is in the "waiting period" of policies, but according to the understanding, local governments have not "waited in vain", and have already increased the water treatment market in advance, and incorporated sewage treatment into the outline of emerging urbanization construction

after the release of the "ten atmosphere" plan, the expectation of the upcoming sewage treatment plan has risen sharply. Luojianhua, Secretary General of the environmental chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, who participated in the formulation of relevant policies, recently revealed that after the announcement of the air pollution prevention and control action plan, the sewage prevention and control action plan will be followed up soon, and the relevant policies are expected to launch a 2trillion water control market

in terms of policy support, the Ministry of science and technology has taken the lead and recently approved a major technical special project for water treatment in key river basins with a total scale of 289million yuan. "A few days ago, the expert team of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed for the first time the direct relationship between water pollution and cancer. It can be seen that water pollution has reached the point of 'no cure'. Water pollution prevention and control constitute the core content of 'beautiful China', and this year will also be the 'policy year' of water pollution prevention and control." The expert said, "in the future, rural pollution prevention and control will receive obvious policy preference, and the urban-rural integration layout will quickly open up the huge market of rural pollution control."

the local government, which smelled the latest trend of the high-level, launched a batch of sewage treatment projects in advance. Since July, Yunnan has launched two projects: the second phase project of Dali sewage treatment plant has been officially launched, with a total investment of 87.82 million yuan. It will be completed in January 2014. After completion, the water quality of Xi'er river will be greatly improved. Kunming has launched the country's largest underground sewage treatment plant - Kunming No. 10 sewage treatment plant and Haiming River, and 10 storage tanks have been put into operation. The two projects will improve the sewage treatment capacity of the main city of Kunming, reduce the pollutants entering Dianchi Lake, and play an important role in the pollution control of Dianchi Lake

in addition, Zhejiang Taizhou sewage treatment phase III expansion project was successfully approved. After the completion of the project, the area will increase the sewage treatment capacity by 100000 tons/day, and the total treatment capacity will be increased from 150000 tons/day to 250000 tons/day. Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, will build and expand five sewage treatment plants this year, with an additional sewage treatment capacity of 150000 tons/day, and the sewage treatment facilities in the urban area and towns will be basically covered

a number of local listed companies have felt the convenience of "being close to the water" by increasing the size of the water treatment market in advance. Taking Beijing as an example, in April this year, the Beijing municipal government issued an action plan for the construction of sewage treatment and renewable water use facilities, which will build 47 sewage treatment and renewable water plants within three years. By the end of 2015, the sewage regeneration capacity is expected to reach 5.13 million tons. The pioneering shares of the local listed company won the project of Dongba sewage treatment plant. At the beginning of this year, Henan Province also released the "12th Five Year Plan" for urban sewage treatment and regeneration. The so-called cold stretching is high polymer under low temperature (amorphous polymers are the construction planning of utilization facilities below Tg. Market participants believe that Zhongyuan environmental protection, as a local listed company in urban sewage treatment, is expected to get a share of it with the assistance of the driving system.

according to the 2013 Tianjin Binhai New Area clean water project construction plan, this year, in addition to building two new sewage treatment plants, the new area will also start four completed sewage treatment plant load rate improvement projects at the same time, with a total investment of 160million yuan 。 Institutional analysis pointed out that as the overlord of coastal water, entrepreneurial environmental protection is expected to take the lead in benefiting

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