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Seven obstacles restrict the development of non-standard equipment

in the past, the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry relied on a large number of cheap labor. However, with the change of time and environment, the optimization and improvement of many instruments are based on these experiences and needs. In recent years, the new labor population has decreased, people's living standards have improved, and labor is no longer a cheap resource. It has become more and more common that it is difficult to obtain a job. In order to meet the demand of production, automated production has gradually been recognized and valued by business owners. As an important part of automatic production, non-standard equipment has become more and more popular in the past 10 years, and a large number of non-standard equipment manufacturers have emerged in the market. According to the market logic, the growing market space can improve the technology research and development level of enterprises and expand the scale of enterprises, providing enterprises with good development opportunities. However, the objective situation is on the contrary. Domestic non-standard equipment enterprises have not walked out of the vicious circle of low quality and low price, are still simply imitating, have not developed their own characteristic products and patented products, and have not accumulated more funds for the development of enterprises. At present, small workshops with more than a dozen people are still the mainstream form of non-standard equipment industry

the formation of everything has its subjective and objective reasons, and the formation mechanism is complex. The current situation of non-standard equipment is also the result of the action of various elements. Here are the reasons for the formation. I hope you can correct me

I. non standard equipment cannot be mass produced, large enterprises are unwilling to do it, and small-scale enterprises are easy to obtain living space.

non standard equipment is customized equipment according to the production status of enterprises without standards. The equipment of enterprise a can only be applied to enterprise a, and cannot be copied to enterprise B for mass production. Usually, it takes twoorthree months for a set of equipment of about 300000 yuan from the customer to provide the demand, the non-standard equipment factory to provide the scheme design, the two parties to discuss and determine the scheme, sign the contract, draw the design drawing, process the parts and components, and to the equipment assembly and acceptance. Because the input-output ratio is too low, large enterprises do not look at such trivial and long-term small orders. However, such projects are quite attractive to small enterprises with only a few 10 people. A small-scale enterprise with sales, several mechanical engineers and several software engineers is growing crazily

second, the market scale of non-standard equipment has increased, but the cake has grown hb:ha+695 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac, but more people divide the cake

in 2000, only some Taiwan factories in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta were well-known for making non-standard equipment in China, and these factories add up to about 30. According to relevant statistics, the scale of non-standard equipment in that year is estimated to be about 600million, and these 30 companies account for about 70% of the market share. By 2012, there were more than 70 non-standard equipment factories in Chang'an, an important hardware manufacturing town in China, and there were countless small-scale non-standard equipment in the country, with an order of magnitude of more than 10000; The market size is also expected to grow to about 60billion. In a word, although the market size has increased by 100 times, the manufacturers have increased by a thousand times. The new market is occupied by many small manufacturers. Failed to form a large-scale enterprise

III. the threshold of non-standard equipment enterprises is low, and the quality of personnel is mixed

why are there so many non-standard manufacturers in the market? The reason is that the initial investment cost of the non-standard equipment factory is low, and the overall investment is estimated to be about 300000. With a few grinders, milling machines and hundreds of square meters of houses, more than 10 people can operate a non-standard equipment enterprise. Generally, the entrepreneurial mode of non-standard equipment factory is the joint investment of twoorthree shareholders. One shareholder is responsible for sales, one shareholder is responsible for technology, and one shareholder is responsible for after-sales. There is no need for the intervention of large capital and large enterprises. This situation leads to the non-standard equipment industry is relatively blocked, the industry can not be shuffled, good money can not expel bad money, and enterprises are mixed

IV. pursuing the principle of bringing things, there are few innovative R & d

domestic non-standard enterprises rarely have new inventions, new creations and new applications. An important purpose for domestic enterprises to visit exhibitions and participate in exhibitions at home and abroad is to discover new applications, new processes and new technologies. This approach is very positive in many ways. He shortened the equipment gap between China and developed countries, improved the degree of industrial modernization and agricultural modernization, and thus reduced the labor intensity of the masses. However, there is no doubt that this plagiarism under the banner of reference has seriously reduced the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop new technologies and applications; Over time, it has affected the technical ability of China's automation equipment industry, making the core always in the hands of European and American enterprises. As a result, we rely on polluting the environment, selling physical strength, demolishing and building houses to develop the economy. This is a very sad thing. For long-term development, we must attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, so that enterprises can get long-term and stable benefits from research and development. In particular, the non-standard equipment industry needs to protect intellectual property rights

v. the requirements of enterprises for automation are still relatively elementary, which restricts the development of non-standard automation industry to a higher level.

manufacturing enterprises choose automation under the pressure of human resource shortage. However, from the perspective of saving human resources, automation can be roughly divided into three stages: semi automation, full automation, and the integration of automation and informatization. Based on cost considerations, many enterprises choose semi-automatic equipment, and the slightly complex processes are still completed by people. This semi-automatic product can be designed independently by a person who has a good understanding of mechatronics. A large number of such low-level automation requirements restrict the development of non-standard industries to a higher level

VI. the industry is loose, and no organizational advantage has been formed.

no industry association has been established for non-standard equipment. As the saying goes, crying children have milk to eat. Without industry associations, it is difficult for the government to hear the voice from non-standard industries, so we can't get any preferential policies, at least in terms of taxes. All manufacturers are old and dead and do not communicate with each other. Non standard equipment enterprises have a strong sense of vigilance. They are afraid that their technology has been learned by others, that their customers have been robbed by others, and that their backbone personnel have been poached by others. This lack of contact and cooperation has led to non-standard equipment increasingly falling into the quagmire of price competition. A non-standard enterprise should sell technology and solutions, but now many non-standard enterprises are talking about material costs and management expenses with customers. We should think that without technology, non-standard equipment is a pile of scrap iron, so we should explain more about how much our non-standard equipment can save costs and improve benefits for customers. What we get is a reasonable return for our mental work

VII. The advantages of large-scale enterprises are not obvious.

although small enterprises are the mainstream of non-standard industries, there are also some medium-sized non-standard enterprises with more than 100 people. The annual output value of these medium-sized non-standard enterprises is at the level of tens of millions, but due to management problems, designers and equipment personnel did not show enough heart, resulting in the unsatisfactory product quality performance of some medium-sized non-standard enterprises. Over time, many manufacturers turned to small non-standard enterprises to buy relatively cheap non-standard products

although non-standard equipment is still a relatively healthy industry at present, these seven obstacles in front of us have increasingly affected the development of non-standard automation equipment industry

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