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Qinhuangdao 1000A circuit breaker positive pressure cabinet

Qinhuangdao 1000A circuit breaker positive pressure cabinet - casting brilliant ergong123

explosion proof positive pressure cabinet is also called positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet. Its product characteristics are: through the process of rushing compressed air or inert gas into the cabinet, the pressure inside and outside the cabinet is formed. 4. Service life: the force is poor, the dangerous gas and combustible dust outside the cabinet cannot enter the cabinet, and there are combustible sources in dozens of cabinets, because there is no, The formation of coated composite pipes is an environment where ordinary steel pipes cannot be treated by technology. This way greatly protects the equipment and components in the cabinet

Qinhuangdao 1000A circuit breaker positive pressure cabinet - casting brilliance

II. Working principle of explosion-proof air conditioner after placing aluminum alloy explosion suppression materials in explosion-proof air conditioner, because the eyes in the explosion suppression data stack form a honeycomb structure, the inner cavity of the container is divided into many small "small compartments", which are used to suppress the transmission of flame. At the same time, this honeycomb structure has high appearance efficiency per unit volume, Thus, it has excellent thermal conductivity, and can quickly absorb most of the heat released by incineration, so that the final temperature TF after incineration reaction is greatly reduced, the expansion degree of reaction gas is greatly reduced, and the pressure value of the container is not increased

Qinhuangdao 1000A circuit breaker positive pressure cabinet - casting brilliance. Only by correctly installing explosion-proof air conditioner can it be used well, and there should be no worries at home. There should be no obstacles on both sides and in front of the air conditioner. There should be no obstacles within 1m in front of the indoor unit. When the outdoor unit is set on the roof or where there are no buildings around it, the strong wind should not be blown directly to the exhaust outlet of the outdoor unit, because if the strong wind blows to the exhaust outlet, the air in the outdoor unit is not easy to be discharged, and the air volume will be significantly reduced, which may also cause failure

structure composition: the explosion-proof control cabinet is composed of cabinet body, automatic control system, gas distribution system, system and power distribution system; The cabinet body can be divided into positive pressure chamber and auxiliary chamber. The positive pressure chamber is equipped with electrical components required by users. Users can control the work of the entire electrical system through the control panel. An automatic control system is installed in the auxiliary chamber to adjust and control the explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet. The series of work must be stopped manually through emergency stop. By bending and welding high-quality stainless steel plate or carbon steel, and sealing treatment, a positive pressure air tight environment is formed

at present, explosion-proof window air conditioners on the market are basically refitted from ordinary air conditioners. Therefore, the brand of explosion-proof air conditioners can also be selected. When users choose explosion-proof air conditioners, they can first understand the brand of explosion-proof air conditioners and choose the appropriate brand of explosion-proof air conditioners according to their own needs

as an electrical product, no matter what the application is, its main assessment index is the electrical performance, especially the warehouse keeper/Assistant explosion-proof electrical product of warehousing logistics. Due to its special structure, it has high requirements for its electrical performance. Many enterprises often only pay attention to explosion-proof structures and ignore electrical performance indicators, which is very dangerous

Qinhuangdao 1000A circuit breaker positive pressure cabinet - casting brilliance, explosion-proof is accelerating the pace of building an international first-class new material science and technology city. The pressure cabinet is composed of cabinet body and positive pressure purging control system device. The air source of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet enters the cabinet body from the positive pressure purging control device to purge and meet the requirements of safety Kia. When its shrinkage is still high, the positive pressure purging control and then edifying sentiment device will output, and if necessary, the power supply of positive pressure cabinet will be cut off

3. The positive pressure explosion-proof distribution cabinet belongs to the positive pressure ventilation type. When the air pressure in the cabinet is greater than 500pa, the mechanical automatic pressure relief valve will automatically relieve the pressure, and the heat in the box will be discharged with the gas. The ventilation and heat dissipation are good. When it is lower than 100Pa, it will sound and light, and when it is lower than 50pA, it will automatically cut off and receive electricity from the user

? The equipment and technology used in the products produced by the company, as well as the key processes such as die casting, machining and spraying, have all realized automation or semi automation; The testing center is equipped with a large number of testing equipment, such as distribution photometer, high and low temperature alternating damp heat test box, salt spray test equipment, sand dust test box, protection test equipment, etc. it is one of the manufacturing companies with excellent facilities and equipment in the same industry

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