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Qiqihar food plastic bags are 60% toxic

recently, Qiqihar packaging office, environmental protection, and industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel inspected large morning markets in the city and found that toxic food plastic bags circulate in the market, accounting for as much as 60%. Law enforcement officials immediately ordered relevant personnel to stop selling and warned consumers that such colored and flavored food plastic bags could not be used. A few days ago, the relevant departments of Qi city received some complaints from consumers that toxic plastic bags made of medical waste and waste plastic products are circulating in the market

in the morning of the 11th, together with the Qiqihar packaging management office, the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Administration for Industry and commerce, they successively inspected the large morning markets in the north three districts. During the inspection of Longsha morning market, Tonghua Road morning market, northern meat, egg and poultry wholesale market, and dongsidaojie morning market, law enforcement officers found that 60% of the toxic food plastic bags accounted for

in Longsha morning market, colorful food plastic bags can be seen everywhere, from the plastic bags filled with food in the hands of people to the food plastic bags used by vendors when selling things. Most of them are colored plastic bags containing vegetables and fruits. In a Deli in the northern morning market, law enforcement officers found that a consumer carried a large green plastic bag full of cooked chicken liver. Law enforcement officers immediately went forward to publicize and educate him and warned him to stop using it

as soon as I entered the plastic products wholesale market in front of the station, a pungent smell came to my face. Dong An, director of Qiqihar packaging office, took the yellow and white plastic bags to let him smell. The white bags were tasteless, and the unpleasant smell of the yellow bags was disgusting. Dong An said that according to today's inspection, the circulation of plastic bags made of medical waste and waste plastic products reflected by consumers in the market exists. Medical waste and waste plastics are toxic. When making plastic bags, viruses and germs cannot be eradicated and can cause cancer. Moreover, this toxic plastic bag only degrades the three addresses by grounding, polluting the environment. Generally, colored and flavored food plastic bags can be identified as toxic

after interviewing a number of operators and consumers, law enforcement officials found that most people did not understand the harm of plastic bags reprocessed with medical waste and waste plastics to human body. Law enforcement personnel have carried out law enforcement publicity

the relevant departments of Qi said that they would vigorously investigate and deal with the circulation of toxic plastic bags in the market

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