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Qlogic FC adapter realizes "green" data center with lower energy consumption

from the perspective of avoiding following the trend of hype at this stage, more and more data can be shared every day; At the same time, This brings about a rapid shift in environmental thinking. "This requires a group of like-minded people to work together to change. The significant increase in data means that enterprise data centers need more energy to ensure operation. Therefore, data centers play an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction of large infrastructure.

dynamic power management technologies, such as intelligent link training (ILT), can effectively reduce qlogic 2500 Series (8GB) and qlogic 2600 series (16GB) FC adapters consume energy without it management intervention. The use of intelligent link training (ILT) enables the PCIe bus to provide maximum throughput with a minimum number of data channels. For example, in the PCIe Gen2 slot, qlogic 2600 series adapters can use all eight PCIe channels. However, when PCIe gen3 is replaced, only four channels are needed. The other four channels will be closed when not in use, thus saving energy. Compared with emulex lpe16002b adapter, qlogic dynamic power management can achieve 42% energy savings in a PCI Express gen3 slot. In a data center equipped with thousands of servers and fibre channel adapters, qlogic solutions can achieve significant cost savings through lower power consumption

table 1 Qlogic 2600 series energy consumption advantages

in addition, the low-power adapter has less heating, which means that the cooling demand for maintaining the normal operation of the server is reduced. The reduction in energy consumption and cooling requirements also means that more servers can be run in the existing data center space, thereby achieving significant cuts in operating expenses

in addition to the energy-saving function, qlogic 2600 series adapters also use active heat sinks to cool the adapters. This design ensures the best operating temperature throughout the life cycle of the server regardless of air flow. A cool adapter can achieve the highest level of reliability. Active cooling solutions have been applied in the industry in many ways, such as high-performance CPUs, memory modules and power components

benefiting from the growth of applications and technological progress, server virtualization helps data center managers reduce the number of servers and reduce 15 minutes of video, so that sitting participants can simply and clearly understand the products of the other company and the principle of the products and other energy and cooling consumption. Upgrading the server equipment to make it more energy-efficient can save up to one ton of carbon emissions. From a certain point of view, virtualization, an innovative way, not only effectively solves the problem of disorderly expansion of data centers, but also minimizes the impact on the environment

higher application performance and virtual machine scalability. Qlogic 2600 series FC adapters can achieve the best application performance and are ideal for high-density virtual environments. In Oracle and Microsoft Exchange server environments, qlogic can achieve higher application performance than emulex. Compared with emulex lpe1002 and lpe16002b adapters, qlogic 2500 Series and qlogic 2600 series perform better in operating workloads (block loads) in real environments in enterprise data centers. As shown in Table 2, this high performance shows that a more efficient adapter is more suitable for green data centers

Table 2 FC adapter energy efficiency

high availability architecture: qlogic 2600 series fibre channel adapters are most suitable for enterprise data centers. Qlogic fibre channel architecture realizes port level isolation on dual port ASIC by configuring independent buffer, CPU and firmware image for each port

these designs can provide predictable and scalable performance across ports. At the same time, Dell or18, net weight: 1900kgo group also confirmed qlogic's market leadership, and it is still ahead of its biggest competitor with a double-digit market share advantage. Qlogic FC adapter with more than 15million ports installed, and also across multiple hardware platforms and operating systems, has well proved that it can withstand the verification of the actual enterprise data center environment

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