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Qipu optoelectronics launched a new p25.6 hollow screen

after several days of continuous efforts by Qipu optoelectronics R & D personnel, we finally developed an excellent hollow screen product - p25.6 hollow screen. Qipu photoelectric hollow screen series products have been jointly held by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the international management consulting company Kearney, and the report conference of "global opportunities in China's chemical industry" has been gradually improved. Now the main models are p12.5, p16, p21.33, p25.6, P3, and many customers in Europe and the United States are using 2, etc. Hollow screen series is mainly used in outdoor roof and column advertising screen, suitable for making large area display screen

p25.6 advantages of hollow screen:

1. The transparent design does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen, with small wind resistance and light weight, which is less than half the weight of the conventional display screen

2. Modular design is convenient for installation and maintenance. The driver chip is placed on the lamp surface, which is convenient for maintenance. All modules are of unified design, and the production and stock are the same modules

3. Fill the front of the module with glue to solve the heat dissipation problem in the form of air convection heat dissipation

4. High light transmittance, up to 40%, compact structure: modular interface design, uniform light transmission

5, p25.6 hollow screen is mainly used for outdoor defrosting. It only takes 2 hours for roof and column advertising screen, which is suitable for making large area display screen

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