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Qiqihar existing building renovation paint painting 268359 square meters

Qiqihar wedge fixture existing building renovation paint painting 268359 square meters

October 11, 2013

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before the renovation, the building

pressure roller acts on the test piece

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after the renovation, the housing and urban and rural construction in Qiqihar is fully promoting the energy-saving renovation project of existing buildings, and it is expected that the whole project will be completed this month

the energy-saving comprehensive reconstruction project of existing residential buildings in the central urban area of Qiqihar is an important livelihood project for the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and improve the living conditions of Hecheng people. It is also a beautification and lighting project to beautify the urban environment and enhance the urban grade. As the main construction unit of the existing reconstruction project, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development has taken a number of measures to vigorously promote the smooth implementation of the project. The project has been started in four bid sections, with a total of 52 buildings, with a total construction area of 329159 ㎡, involving some loose and Street commercial clothes of 4038 households, of which 2683 have been painted, thus building the "small island" little by little; Foundation rdquo; 59 square meters, 61641 square meters of real stone paint and rock flake paint spraying, and 33000 square meters of benzene board pasting

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