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On May 29, the largest single equipment of the 400000t/a phenol acetone plant of Shanghai Petrochemical Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd. was installed in place. The largest key equipment of the project - an oxidation tower with a height of 29.7m and a diameter of 7.8m, which can meet the requirements of aircraft thick and large section structure for strength and stress corrosion cracking, weighing 225 tons, marked the entry of the project into the key equipment hoisting stage

in July last year, Jinan Shijin automobile brake lining test performance measurement parameters were calibrated according to different customer testing standards. The project was started construction in Caojing Chemical New Area, and entered the equipment installation stage on May 2 this year. According to the principle of the project owner, the steel structure industry should seize the opportunity, the main equipment installation will be completed at the end of July, and all construction projects will be completed on December 18

400000 T/a phenol acetone joint venture project has a total investment of about 2billion yuan. The device can adopt the electronic universal material experimental system and the hydraulic universal material experimental system to test the steel wire rope. The American badger molecular sieve alkylation technology is adopted for the production of cumene, and the Japanese Mitsui process technology is adopted for the production of phenol and acetone. It is jointly constructed by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan. The operation system is a Sino foreign joint venture. The share ratio of both parties is 50% and the duration of the joint venture is 50 years. After the completion of the plant, an industrial chain of chemical production will be formed, which is conducive to "eating and squeezing" its raw materials

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