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Abstract: he also said that in the next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology will take the supply side structural reform as the main line, deeply implement the made in China 2025, focus on building a modern industrial system, and promote the quality, efficiency and power changes of the manufacturing industry

in recent years, some foreign institutions have raised many doubts about China's implementation of "made in China 2025", for example, they believe that China should engage in localization to replace such new materials that adopt PolyOne pultrusion molding process to achieve lightweight while maintaining the original change stiffness, adopt discriminatory policies against foreign-funded enterprises, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading through non market behaviors such as government intervention

on December 21, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, responded to the question of actively leading enterprises to guide the healthy development of the industry in terms of scientific and technological progress and industry self-discipline at the "new era · new economy" national forum hosted by China news service. He said that "made in China 2025" has always adhered to market leadership The government introduced dongjinshi, vice president of the plastic recycling Professional Committee of China Plastics Association, to participate in the formulation of the national standard for plastic bags. The guiding principles aim to gather industry consensus, pool social resources, and create a good environment and atmosphere conducive to the development of the manufacturing industry. China has always adopted the same standards for domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, and treated them equally, China will, as always, welcome all kinds of enterprises to participate in the implementation of "made in China 2025" and share development achievements

Xin Guobin said that in recent years, especially since the international financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has withstood the downward pressure and maintained steady growth, providing an important guarantee for economic development and becoming an important engine of global manufacturing growth

Xin Guobin also admitted that although China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, the manufacturing industry is still large but not strong, the supply side structural contradictions and problems are relatively prominent, the development is uneven and insufficient, the independent innovation ability is weak, the external dependence of key core technologies and high-end equipment is high, the manufacturing innovation system dominated by enterprises is imperfect, ineffective and low-end supply is too much, and the effective and medium and high-end supply is insufficient, As a whole, it is at the middle and low end of the global industrial value chain, with weak industrial basic capacity. Made in China is facing the situation of "lack of heart and soul". Physical products are significantly different from foreign products in terms of quality, safety, stability and consistency, and lack of world-renowned brands

Xin Guobin pointed out that some deep-seated system and mechanism problems in the development of manufacturing industry have not been fundamentally solved, the development environment needs to be optimized, the phenomenon of capital disenchantment from real to virtual is prominent, the prices of enterprise servants, land and other factors are rising, the institutional transaction costs are high, the resource and environmental constraints are tightening, and the financing difficulty is still a prominent problem faced by industrial enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. The talent team, especially high-end talents and highly skilled talents, cannot meet the needs of the innovative development of the manufacturing industry

"based on comprehensive judgment, the development of China's manufacturing industry is still in a period of promising strategic opportunities, but the connotation has undergone profound changes. If we do not grasp it, the window will be fleeting. At the same time, it is also a period of contradictions, some long-term accumulated deep-seated contradictions and problems have further emerged, the international pattern has changed dramatically, and competition has further accelerated." Xin Guobin said

Xin Guobin said that since the State Council issued "made in China 2025" in May 2015, under the leadership of the leading group for the construction of a national manufacturing power, the top-level design of "made in China 2025" has been continuously improved, the policy system has been continuously improved, and positive results have been achieved in specific fields. The implementation effects of a number of major projects have been prominent, the manufacturing industry has been effectively improved in terms of intelligence, greening and service, and the construction of innovation system has been continuously promoted, Industrial infrastructure has been continuously consolidated, high-end equipment innovation highlights appear frequently, a number of major landmark projects have achieved phased results, breakthroughs have been made in the development of key industries, the construction of quality brands in the manufacturing industry has been promoted in an orderly manner, and urban pilot demonstrations have been carried out in a solid manner

Xin Guobin revealed that recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology is stepping up the establishment of the first batch of "made in China 2025 national demonstration areas" to guide all regions to form a new pattern of differentiated development. "From the implementation to now, made in China 2025 has only made a good start. There are still many bottlenecks and contradictions in the development of the manufacturing industry that need to be solved urgently. In addition, we also face some difficulties and problems that need to be solved urgently in our work, and the arduous task is still ahead." He said

he also said that in the next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology will take the supply side structural reform as the main line, deeply implement made in China 2025, focus on building a modern industrial system, and promote the quality reform, efficiency reform, and power reform of the manufacturing industry

In terms of efficiency reform, it includes unswervingly adjusting the development structure of the manufacturing industry, sorting out zombie enterprises in an orderly manner, deepening the work of reducing production capacity, paying attention to the combination of transforming and upgrading traditional industries and cultivating new industries, and giving full play to the competitive function of industrial policies. Promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, and the implementation can meet the standards and get normal production; 2. In order to test the technological transformation of their own products, enterprises should adopt prudent and inclusive supervision to support the development and growth of new generation information technology, new energy vehicles, biotechnology, new materials, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc

Xin Guobin also revealed that in the next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology will study the establishment of the made in China 2025 development fund to further mobilize social capital to support the development of the manufacturing industry

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