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Made in China 2025 Jilin implementation outline was issued

recently, Jilin Province has officially issued and started to operate the made in China 2025 Jilin implementation outline. Recently, in order to thoroughly implement the national policy of "made in China 2025", promote Jilin Province to integrate into the strategic layout of a national manufacturing power, further revitalize the province's pillar industries, develop advantageous industries, cultivate strategic emerging industries, and truly realize transformation and upgrading, Jilin Province has officially issued and began to operate the "made in China 2025 Jilin Implementation Outline"

the guiding ideology clearly highlights the four adherences

according to the relevant person in charge of Jilin Province, the guiding and confirmed ideology of the outline is: under the leadership of the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, with promoting the innovative development of manufacturing industry as the theme, with improving quality and efficiency as the center, with accelerating the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry as the main line, and with promoting intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, Strengthen the basic industrial capacity, improve the comprehensive integration level, and realize the leap from Jilin manufacturing to Jilin intelligent manufacturing and Jilin creation

its basic principle is: adhere to market leadership and government guidance. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises, form effective market competition, and stimulate the vitality and creativity of enterprises. Actively transform government functions, strengthen planning guidance, improve relevant support policies, and create a good environment for enterprise development

adhere to reform and innovation, opening up and cooperation. Focus on problem orientation and goal orientation, deepen the reform of system and mechanism, and solve the deep-seated contradictions that restrict the development of manufacturing industry; Promote cross field and cross industry collaborative innovation, break through a number of key common technologies in key fields, and promote the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry; Promote industrial cooperation with foreign countries, actively participate in industrial division of labor, and improve the open development level of manufacturing industry

adhere to structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. We should highlight the key link of structural adjustment, consolidate and expand pillar industries, accelerate the development of advantageous industries, actively cultivate emerging industries, transform and upgrade traditional industries, and promote the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. Optimize the industrial spatial layout, cultivate a number of industrial clusters with intensive and radiative driving effects, and promote the transformation of manufacturing industry from scale and speed to quality and efficiency

adhere to the overall promotion and key breakthroughs. Establish the concept of "one game for the development of manufacturing industry in the whole province", make overall planning, reasonable layout, clarify the development direction, and accelerate the improvement of the overall level of manufacturing industry. Set up the thinking of doing something and not doing something, so that construction developers, design, construction, supervision, testing and other units and consumers can better understand polyurethane insulation products and their characteristics, give full play to their comparative advantages, highlight key areas, integrate resources, form a joint force, build a number of major projects, achieve breakthroughs first, and truly turn development potential into development advantages

strive to make breakthroughs in eight fields with a three-step strategy

given that Jilin Province is one of the old industrial bases, with a good industrial foundation, a relatively complete industrial system, and a foundation, conditions, and advantages. Therefore, based on the provincial situation and reality, the province decided to use the three-step strategy to strive for key breakthroughs in eight areas and make it enter the national advanced ranks. Its eight fields are: energy-saving and new energy vehicles, advanced rail transit equipment, aerospace equipment, robots and intelligent equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices, new generation information technology and new materials

its three-step strategy is: the first step is to strive for the fl pendulum impact testing machine to be mainly used for metal Charpy impact experiments. It will take ten years to consolidate the foundation and consolidate its position, and make key breakthroughs in eight fields. By 2020, the position of manufacturing industry in the national economy of the province will be further consolidated, and the informatization level of manufacturing industry will be improved to a certain extent; Master a number of core technologies in key areas, further enhance the competitiveness of advantageous areas, and significantly improve product quality; Some progress has been made in the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the manufacturing industry, and the energy consumption, material consumption and pollutant emission per unit of industrial added value in key industries have decreased significantly. By 2025, the independent innovation ability of the manufacturing industry will be significantly enhanced, the quality and efficiency will be significantly improved, the integration of industrialization and industrialization will reach a new level, green development will be significantly accelerated, and the industrial structure will continue to be optimized. The development of advanced rail transit equipment industry has reached the world leading level, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, remote sensing satellites and applications, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices have reached the domestic leading level, and intelligent equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, new generation information technology and new materials have reached the domestic advanced level

step 2: by 2035, the innovation ability will be significantly improved, the overall integration ability will be significantly enhanced, the industrialization level will be further improved, and the eight fields will have obvious competitive advantages

Step 3: 100 years after the founding of new China, the manufacturing industry will play a more prominent role and realize the leap from Jilin manufacturing to Jilin intelligent manufacturing and Jilin creation. At that time, Jilin Province will provide important support for Northeast China to become an internationally competitive advanced equipment manufacturing base, a strategic base for major technological equipment, a national new raw material base, and an important technological innovation and R & D base

scientific objectives, effective specific safeguard measures

whether the objectives are scientific and reasonable is undoubtedly the key to the smooth realization of the Jilin implementation outline of made in China 2025. To this end, Jilin Province has formulated five categories of indicators: innovation ability, quality effect, integration of industrialization and industrialization, green development and industrial structure. Among them, innovation ability focuses on two indicators: the proportion of internal expenditure of R & D funds of manufacturing above Designated Size in the main business income and the number of effective invention patents per billion yuan of main business income of manufacturing above designated size. It is planned that by 2020 and 2025, the above two indicators will reach 1.0, 1.5, 0.5 and 1.0 respectively

the quality benefit index focuses on three aspects: the quality competitiveness index of manufacturing industry, the improvement of manufacturing value-added rate, and the growth rate of total labor productivity in manufacturing industry. It is planned to reach 84 and 85 by 2020 and 2025 respectively; 2 and 2.5 percentage points higher than that in 2015; During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate was 8%, and during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate was 7%

the integration of the two technologies focuses on three indicators: the popularity rate of digital R & D and design tools (%), the CNC rate of key processes (%) and the broadband popularity rate (%). It is planned to reach 66.1 and 77.6 by 2020 and 2025 respectively; 46.4, 59.9 and 60.9, 77.4

green development focuses on four indicators: the decline in energy consumption per unit of industrial added value above Designated Size, the decline in carbon dioxide emissions per unit of industrial added value, the decline in water consumption per unit of industrial added value, and the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste

as a factory owner who has been struggling in the steel industry in Dongguan for many years, the industrial structure focuses on two indicators: the proportion of the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry in the added value of industries above Designated Size (%) and the proportion of the output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the output value of equipment manufacturing industry (%). It is planned to reach 12 and 15.5 by 2020 and 2025 respectively; 25 and 40

in order to ensure the achievement of the above goals, Jilin Province has also formulated seven guarantee promotion measures. It mainly includes: Deepening the reform of system and mechanism, deeply promoting the simplification of administration and decentralization, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and optimizing the development environment of enterprises. We will strengthen financial and tax policy support, increase credit support, and guide financial institutions to innovate financial products. Improve the project construction mechanism and plan a number of key projects around eight areas and ten tasks. Optimize the market environment and strengthen intellectual property protection. We should open wider to the outside world and actively participate in international cooperation. Provide talent support and improve the talent training mechanism. Strengthen organizational leadership, etc

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