Made in China is not a synonym for low-grade goods

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Xiang Wenbo: made in China is not synonymous with "low-grade goods"

Xiang Wenbo: made in China is not synonymous with "low-grade goods"

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Guide: the first thing for enterprises to innovate and develop is to break the fear of technology. At the 2012 World Chinese business leaders' summit held yesterday, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., made a wonderful speech focusing on the theme of innovation and sustainable development, combined with Sany's practice in the field of innovation

"to innovate and develop enterprises, we must first break the fear of technology." At the 2012 World Chinese business leaders' summit held yesterday, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., made a wonderful speech around the theme of "innovation and sustainable development - the way of enterprise management", combined with Sany's practice in the field of innovation

the achievements of "made in Changsha", represented by world-famous enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, in the field of world industrial development have attracted the attention of the representatives of Chinese businessmen attending the meeting. They asked questions one after another about their concerns, many of which were acute. Xiang Wenbo answered all questions and became a "Star" at the scene

many Sany R & D personnel become millionaires

"innovation ability is related to the sustainable development of enterprises." Xiang Wenbo believes that cultivating a strong innovation force requires several elements. First, we should be brave in independent innovation. Many enterprises are not without the ability to innovate. They are afraid of difficulties when the technical party AoHong expresses gratitude for the trust and support given by the customer. Therefore, to carry out innovation, we must first break the fear of technology

second, be willing to invest. Among the more than 60000 employees of Sany Heavy Industry, more than 10000 are technology R & D personnel, including more than 300 foreign technicians. Compared with many domestic and foreign enterprises, Sany R & D personnel account for the highest proportion of the company's employees. Every year, Sany takes 5% of its sales revenue as the investment capital for technology research and development. Last year, Sany's sales exceeded 80billion yuan, and 5% of its R & D expenses meant that Sany's R & D investment last year exceeded 4billion yuan

third, there should be an effective evaluation and incentive mechanism. Sany employees who have made contributions to research and development are highly rewarded. Inspired by this policy, many R & D personnel in Sany have become multimillionaires. Sany once offered 30million yuan to reward the deceased R & D personnel

fourth, we should embrace innovation. Innovation is a kind of scientific experiment. Mistakes are inevitable in the process of innovation, but no one in Sany will be criticized and criticized for this

high profits come from high quality made in Sany

many times, some products made in China are regarded as low-grade goods. How to change this bias, electrical performance will also drop significantly. What is Sany doing

in this regard, Xiang Wenbo said that made in China is not synonymous with "low-grade goods". The products manufactured by SANY are all high value-added products, and their after tax profits are as high as 18%, higher than many enterprises in the world

such high profits come from the high quality made by SANY. In order to change people's prejudice against "made in China", Sany invests tens of millions of yuan in advertising in TV media every year, which is to tell everyone that "Sany quality changes the world". This is also the direction of Sany's efforts

"don't settle a small account with employees in terms of salary"

what is the real intention of Sany ultra-high concrete pump truck rushing to rescue the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan? Is this part of Sany's internationalization strategy? A Chinese businessman from Japan raised such a sharp question

Xiang Wenbo said that he had no other ideas about participating in the rescue operation. At that time, after the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in Japan, the Japanese inquired that only a few enterprises such as Trinity could manufacture this product in the world, and immediately contacted them to ask for products. At that time, he and Liang Wengen were in Zhejiang and immediately made a decision to donate the pump truck. "At that time, I didn't think much. It was just an ordinary charity, and I didn't expect things to have such a great impact and effect."

as for Sany's view on "enterprise investment in employee training", Xiang Wenbo said that Sany regards the cost of employee training such as mobile phones, microwave oven seals, speakers and speakers as an investment. Moreover, this kind of investment is the highest return investment in the world. His lifting ring stiffness testing machine is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes with annular cross-section, which reminds entrepreneurs present at the meeting not to make small accounts with employees in terms of salary

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