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Made in Germany, which is terrible in the field of agricultural machinery, has always been regarded as a model in the manufacturing industry. How powerful is made in Germany? Made in Germany has always been regarded as a model in the manufacturing industry. How powerful is made in Germany? An inventory of German agricultural machinery enterprises, including complete machines, machines and accessories. I don't know if I don't see it. I'm scared when I see it. After my inventory, Germany has gathered so many top agricultural machinery enterprises in the world

▍ German Klaas tractor and green forage pickup Trailer

with the great heat of industry 4.0, German manufacturing has almost been mythologized by the Chinese people, and even the agricultural machinery industry is prone to take Germany for granted. To be honest, I really want to find some information to prove that those German myths are rumors. However, the more I look for information, the more I find that it is made in Germany. Take the field of agricultural machinery as an example. Whether in machine manufacturing, machine tool market or supporting supply, Germany almost represents the world's top level, while we are very different from others

1 let's start with the whole machine

when it comes to agricultural machinery, we all know that John Deere is the first in the world, Keith New Holland is the second in the world, and AGCO is the third in the world. However, do you know who is the fourth in the world? Some say Kubota

indeed, Kubota's operating revenue has been among the top four in the world through mergers and acquisitions and business expansion in recent years. But more people seem to think it's Klaas. Yes, this Klass is made in Germany. It not only produces all kinds of harvesting machinery we are familiar with, such as green forage harvesting, corn harvesting, forage harvesting, grain harvesting, etc., but also produces tractors

if the best harvester in the world belongs to KLAS, KLAS' tractor is definitely the top in the world. At the same time, Klass also produces balers, forage pickup trailers and other products, which are famous for their high technology content, high manufacturing process, appearance design and high sense of technology. Another company, coloni, is more famous for commercial vehicles in Germany, but the agricultural machinery field mainly manufactures forage equipment. The world's largest green forage harvester is produced by a company with low cost performance. Colony is also recognized as the world's best animal husbandry machinery manufacturer, with good products and large enterprise scale. Klass accounts for about a quarter of the world's total in the field of large-scale combine harvesters, including green forage harvesters, while Cologne's large-scale green forage harvesters account for more than a third of the world, although there are only a few hundred in the world. Looking at the green feed machinery products alone, in the large-scale equipment market, except for John Deere and New Holland, they are basically the markets of Klaas and Cologne

2 also said that in terms of complete machine

tractors, the finter company, which has the highest technical level in the world and can rank among the top five in the world, is in Germany

the tractors of Fante company are all stepless speed change products, from the minimum 70 horsepower to the maximum 550 horsepower, almost all of which are synonymous with high technology. Since the 900 series, Fent has had the functions of adjustable tire pressure, cab rotation and so on. It has also produced the concept tractor of power output. It can be said that the trend of tractor technology in the world is led by venter. Another tractor manufacturer, Lanz, has a history of more than 100 years. Maybe you don't quite understand what an unknown enterprise it is. If it's John Deere's Mannheim factory, you probably know what's going on. High end tractors and gearboxes are produced here, and the factory assembly line is assembled from sub assembly to final assembly, and they are all flexible mixed assembly, which is very advanced. This is basically a famous tractor and harvester manufacturer. There are many invisible enterprises in Germany. Their products are famous for their high-end products, and each one can be impressive

3 besides machines and tools

in the machine and tool market, we are also familiar with many German brands, such as Rekem, grimo, amasson, Haoshi, etc. they are all enterprises that have focused on a certain field for decades or hundreds of years, and are called invisible champions

in fact, I think they are champions and are not invisible at all. Take rayken as an example. Its combined land leveler and plough have been recognized as land cultivation experts all over the world. In recent years, rayken has introduced sowing machinery, plant protection machinery, etc., so that its volume continues to increase, which is expected to impact the throne of No. 1 agricultural tools in the world. Grimo is a world expert in potato harvesting. They can provide all kinds of potato related equipment. Amasson and Haoshi also focus on their respective fields. The former is very advanced in spraying, fertilization and other equipment, while the latter is world-famous in land preparation and sowing equipment. There are also some enterprises we are not familiar with, such as flinger, whose organic fertilizer application equipment has basically no rivals in the world. Agricultural trailer is its core product, which is known as a model of land protection. All the above enterprises have established production bases in China. Of course, the enterprises mentioned below have also built control system software factories for the Windows XP operating system platform in China

4 talk about accessories

it may be hard to imagine that the top three parts suppliers in the world are all in Germany. Yes, the world's first Bosch Rexroth, the world's second continental group, and the world's third ZF company. You know, in the current pattern of manufacturing industry, the key components are the core of profits, and this core of profits is firmly in the hands of Germans. For the field of agricultural machinery, Bosch Rexroth controls the key technologies of hydraulic and fuel injection, while ZF controls the advantages of traditional systems. Tires and electronic systems of continental group also penetrate the field of agricultural machinery

this is only the top three in the world we can see. If we add what we can't see, such as the engine manufacturers DEUTZ and Mann, and the seat and electronic control system manufacturer greima, almost all the key technologies related to our host are in the hands of the Germans. Take the gearbox as an example. If we can't have a substantial breakthrough in China and store it in a dry place, we will definitely use all ZF products in the future, from power shift to stepless transmission, and even ZF's axle and cab will occupy a large market in China in the future. ZF's penetration in China is not just tractor gearboxes. I believe many manufacturing peers have used ZF's products. From passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery to fixed equipment, and even ZF military products, such as helicopter transmission systems

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