Made of the hottest oil cubic polycarbonate

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The "oil Cube" structure of the Shanghai WorldExpo will be capped and completed by the end of February 2010. There is a world-famous venue "Water Cube" for the Beijing Olympic Games, and an "oil Cube" for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China, which is the Oil Pavilion, one of the 17 enterprise pavilions of the Shanghai WorldExpo. On the 11th, the oil museum with a building area of 6200 square meters achieved structural capping. It took only 82 days for the cube building to be built from the start to the top. Although the building area is less than one tenth of that of the "Water Cube", the new materials and appearance effect of the "oil Cube" are also rich in the stripping property of the new peek resin, which is very friendly and attractive, and deduces the theme of the Shanghai WorldExpo "Better City, better life" from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection. Unlike the current generation of CPU destruction, the external walls of buildings generally use metal plates, glass or stone, ceramics. The light blue building skin of the oil Museum comes from petroleum derivatives - polycarbonate, which is a new environmental protection building material that can be recycled. There is a gap between the outer skin and the outer wall of the building, forming an air interlayer for thermal insulation, and the outer skin is an excellent sunshade, just like a beautiful and practical "coat". From the perspective of building life, polycarbonate can exist for as long as the building itself. "The nearly 4000 square meter building of the oil Museum has one invention patent certificate, which is dazzling. Polycarbonate is used everywhere, and it is the first in the world." What's more wonderful is that tens of thousands of semiconductor lighting lamps are connected inside and outside the polycarbonate skin, and off-site businesses such as warehouse receipt swap are carried out. This new lighting lamp, which theoretically consumes only one tenth of the energy of incandescent lamps, can create colorful and ever-changing images at night. "This is a gift from China's 3million oil industry employees to the world." The Oil Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo is jointly constructed by China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and is specifically responsible by Daqing branch of China National Petroleum Corporation. It will be completed and put into trial operation at the end of February next year

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