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Nut T6 portable projector 1080p HD home mini projector evaluation comment

nut T6 portable projector 1080p HD home mini projector intelligent this experimental machine is suitable for testing the bending strength of 100x100x400 (mm) 150x150x550 (mm) concrete experiment and cement WiFi Office public cinema

400ansi brightness, long endurance, light and portable. How about the new model? Please introduce the configuration features below

nut T6 configuration features: T6 is small and light as a whole. The long Brooke passive room, which is similar to the Bluetooth speaker, is better than the standard strip shape of the passive room in hot summer and cold winter areas. It has an all metal body and full texture, which is not as cheap as the plastic projector. For the most important indicator brightness of the projector, the brightness of T6 is as high as 400ansi lumens, which is up to 60% higher than the previous nut P1, and the image quality is more bright and bright

official quotation comments on nut T6:

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detailed configuration parameters of nut T6:

manufacturer name: Shenzhen huole Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Product Name: nut smart home theater (smart projector)

3C product model: nut-g1, nut-g2, nut-g3, nut-g4, nut-g5, nut-g6, nut-g7, Nuts -g8, nuts

3c specifications and models: see the annex

platform type: no

release screen size: 30~300 inches

operating system: Android

number of colors supported: 16.7 million colors

best release distance: m

body size (CM): 27 × ten point four × 3.4

trapezoidal correction range: ± 30 degrees

bulb power: 30W

bulb life: 30000 hours

zoom ratio: 1.1:1

brand: jmgo/nut

model: T6

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: fixed focus

brightness: ANSI lumens

resolution (DPI): 1280x720dpi


contrast: 3001:: 1

screen ratio: 16:9

time of market: spring and summer 2017

bulb type: LED bulb

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