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Maintenance and inspection of safety valve

in order to make the safety valve sensitive and reliable and have good sealing performance, maintenance and inspection must be strengthened during the operation of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipelines. (l) Always keep the safety valve clean to prevent the valve body spring from being filled with oil dirt or corrosion, and to prevent the discharge pipe of the safety valve from being blocked by oil dirt or other foreign matters; Always check whether the lead seal is intact to prevent the weight of the lever type safety valve from loosening or being moved, and to prevent the adjusting screw of the spring type safety valve from being screwed at will. The operation of the business is still fast in and fast out (2) the safety valve should be replaced or overhauled in time if there is any sign of leakage. It is forbidden to eliminate the leakage by increasing the load (such as over tightening the adjusting screw of the spring-loaded safety valve or hanging heavy objects on the lever of the lever type safety valve). In order to prevent the valve disc and valve seat from being stuck by dirt such as oil dirt in the gas, so that the safety valve can not be opened normally, the safety valve used for air, steam or other gases with viscous dirt that will not cause harm shall be subject to portable emission test regularly. (3) In order to keep the safety valve sensitive and reliable, regular calibration shall be conducted at least once a year. At last, people in the industry said that the CPU content of the brain generally includes dynamic inspection and disassembly inspection. The main contents of the dynamic inspection are to check the opening pressure, reseating pressure, sealing degree and opening height under the rated discharge pressure of the safety valve. The requirements are the same as those during the commissioning of the safety valve. If the dynamic inspection is unqualified, or abnormal conditions such as leakage are found during operation, disassembly inspection shall be carried out. According to analysts, in recent years, after the disposal, recycling and disassembly of waste plastics, carefully check all parts of the safety valve for cracks, scars, wear, corrosion and deformation, repair or replace them according to the size and extent of the defects, and finally assemble them for dynamic inspection

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